SOTUS–Stop this Dance of Shame

Thurgood Marshall, the late Supreme Court Justice, was reported to have frowned against the notoriety gained by Martin Luther King (MLK) over his contributions to Civil Rights and advancing the rights of blacks in the US.  According to the report, Marshall thought his own contributions were underplayed while MLK’s was overplayed. He was frustrated that he wasn’t accorded more attention. The nine members of the Supreme Court are humans, with all their failings and cravings.  Each of these folks seeks attention and notoriety created by political wrangling over the ACA–to them, the attention is welcomed rather than discouraged.  It’s easy to turn the ACA into legal abstractions, forgetting about ordinary men and women struggling with life and health challenges that are directly impacted by the law.  It’s time these folks in black robes understand that Americans know the King is Naked!

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