Israel and Iran’s Policy

In his book, Of Africa, Wole Shoyinka argued on a new currency for enlightenment and development. According to him, some tribes and people-group have shown, in spite of tangible developments, that they have not outgrown their base instincts. Among his anecdotal references are Africans willingness to forge peace in the face of great oppression. Nelson Mandela referred to this as Ubuntu–human kindness. Netanyahu has shown that his claims to the mother of all religion–Judaism, has afforded him no high above his base instincts.

For the sake of argument, what would Netanyahu have US, France, Germany, China, Russia and United Kingdom do if negotiations with Iran fail–if Iran refuses to stop its nuclear development? Does Netanyahu believe US could hold the coalition against Iran together indefinitely? Does Netanyahu want to see a dismembered Iran joining the ungovernable land masses in Middle East? How much more money, blood and sweat would Netanyahu requests from America to pursue the endless defense of arrogance and belligerency? Does Netanyahu understand the demise of Empires, from antiquity to the present, have coincided with unnecessary ambitions and overstretched resources?

Equally, for the sake of argument, what would Iran do with military grade nuclear weaponry that North Korea, Pakistan, India and others have not done that makes Iran’s possession existential?

Saber-rattling is okay, for as long as it does not define the real. Quit this show of shame!

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